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Sabre Time and Attendance solutions

Sabre Access Control solutions

CCTV Cameras and Security Solutions

Mobile Digital Video and Audio Systems including Monitoring and Emergency Vehicle Installations
Network cabling and systems installations

247 is also a merchant for E mail SMS bundles and hosts clients in respect of websites and e-mail addresses.

247 have been an internet service provider from inception in 1996 and can offer web hosting and e-mail services as well as internet connectivity to all its clients. See www.247access.co.za

247 is also a distributor of the E-scan anti- virus program with some unique safety features.

247 are business partners with Quick books, VIP and Pastel payrolls.

Websites include www.247Tech.co.za , www.247software.co.za , www.247fax.co.za , www.247access.co.za , www.247sms.co.za , www.247security.co.za ,

247 is able to design its own websites and produce power point presentations for its own use as seen in the Fuel Stations pp, ITECP pp, Sabre E-ticket solution pp, Motor Vehicle Test  Stations pp, and soon the Scrap Metal yard Audit System pp for the department of environmental affairs. Also the LPR-AT audit trail for number plates.

247 also have a current account running at Google Advertising.

247 Technologies cc has been in existence since 1996 and as such has built up a great amount of goodwill and a reputable name in the market place which is obviously not quantifiable. The Sabre brand is known not only in South Africa but also in Kenya, Nigeria, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia and Botswana.  All clients from these countries would also be accessible by 247.

247 Shopping is an on-line shopping site which can be developed for stage 5 of the ITCP.
A secondary service provider Isiqina/Sizwe is also involved with 247 and has a national footprint to install and service IT and related equipment to Government Departments especially the SAPS.

247 have a License Plate Recognition (LPR) software solution for vehicle identification which is ideal for Government buildings etc. It is being used as far away as Malaysia for their traffic department. Durban Portnet has such a system at present. There are also stock items of the LPR cameras at 247 presently.

247 can provide the latest technology hand-held scanners for use by police and traffic authorities without the implementation of the e-ticket. These units have base stations for connection to printers in the vehicles, SIM card, camera; fingerprint scanner, WI FI connectivity, and can record conversations and take photos of people and number plates etc.

All signage and advertising material pertaining to the 247 logo and 247 as a brand is the property of 247 Technologies.

247 have a preferential rate for deliveries of products with UTI Sun Couriers throughout South Africa. UTI is also a current client of Sabre Technologies for their biometrics.
Other products are the wireless communication system for hospitals and restaurants see www.whereU.co.za  and the Mighty Mouse biometric log-in device.

247 have an agreement with Ditronics who supply a complete turnkey solution Voice over IP (VOIP) telephone system which will be branded a 247 product. See www.ditronics.co.za

247 have designed "the Snitch" which is a Computer anti-theft protection device. It can be installed wherever computers or any other networked assets are located. Should the network cable be disconnected an alarm will sound or a sms can be sent to the mobile of the police station or responsible person, manager etc warning that the device is being stolen. Non-networking assets can also have dumb terminals and network cabling fitted to simulate a networked device such as a projector, and thus when disconnected will also sound the alarm. The prototype will be complete within one month or end of June 2014.. The potential is massive not only in South Africa but also other African countries and universally. See www.thesnitch.co.za

247 has access to the manufacture of turnstiles with the unique 247 anti-pass back solution and mantraps designed for drug and offensive weapon detection and weight mats to eliminate human presence when persons are entering the cubicle, still to be completed in development. 247 have a wealth of associates qualified in IT networking and CCTV camera systems installations and maintenance.

247 have an agreement with "Taggit" for the design and supply of RFID and bar code systems for asset- management.

247 has an agreement with "Nexus Access" for the distribution and supply of Hotel guest Management systems for access control. www.miwasa.co.za

247 have an agreement with "Printers for Africa" for the distribution and supply of Pebble Printers used for access control cards.

247 is a member of the Consumer Goods Council and have its own unique bar code numbers for retail products.

247 is a member of Proudly South Africa since2003. www.proudlysouthafrican.co.za

247 have a merchant agreement with an overseas supplier of SMS e- mail bundles which can be used at schools. The cost at present is 6c per SMS. See www.247sms.co.za

247 also has the knowledge, experience and contacts to manufacture road signs, chevron boards for trucks and traffic delineators which include the metal work, plastic extrusions and correct reflective materials with extensive knowledge of all materials used after participation on the SABS committee on reflectivity in Pretoria.

247 also own injection moulds for the manufacture of plastic number plates in all sizes required which are presently in storage in Pretoria. The website www.onlineplates.co.za  and the power point show how to manufacture and distribute plates nationally. 247 possess the knowledge and experience to apply for a licence from the SABS and begin manufacturing plastic plates again for all Provinces.

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